Saving Lions With Science

Research and Facts

SCI Foundation is a global leader in promoting science-based management of African lions.

The Fight For Lions

SCI Foundation is dedicated to ensuring the best, up-to-date information is available for lion management.

Hunters As Conservationists

Promoting rigorous science and sound wildlife stewardship are the goals of SCI Foundation.

Our Mission

SCI Foundation is dedicated to funding the research used to generate science-based conservation strategies worldwide. For decades, we have put boots on-the-ground in Africa, working with top biologists to understand the most pressing wildlife conservation issues. The science collected in the past decade through extensive research projects partnered with African government officials suggests that the African lion is NOT on the brink of extinction, and should not therefore be listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

Our organization strives to be "First for Wildlife" and certainly first for lions. We have conducted multiple lion surveys across southern Africa and are funding two long term lion research projects. We hope to educate the public on this controversial matter and explain how an endangered species listing will do nothing but cause further harm to African wildlife and African communities.

The Endangered Species Act will not stop African lions from being hunted. It only ensures that less Americans will travel to do so, and in their absence, hunters from other countries will fill the void. This drop in American tourism will severely decrease revenue across multiple countries, increase unemployment numbers, and take funding away from anti-poaching efforts.

SCI Foundation is fighting to save lions. We can do this by depending on the science that is so often overshadowed by political and emotional agendas. We ask you to support us in our endeavor to save lions with science and join the fight for lions.


Throughout the years SCI Foundation has worked with top biologists, conservationists, and members of the African government to provide the best research for lion management, take a look at our efforts and learn more about the on-the-ground work being done to save the African lion.

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